Hardwood Mulch - Shredded Hardwood (Double Shredded Bark Mulch).

Bulk Items


WHOLESALE SUPPLY - We offer delivery to your home in Anne Arundel County only. 

In addition to bulk materials we also carry a variety of fieldstone and bagged goods.

Gravel, Soil and Mulch

Gravels and soils cover approximately 300 sq. ft. at 1" thick per yard.  All mulches cover approximately 240 sq. ft. at 1.5" thick for every yard.  One yard of mulch is equal to nine 3 cu. ft. bags.  Sold by the yard - Click on below images to enlarge

Black Mulch - Same as Regular Hardwood Mulch but dyed black. 

Pea Gravel - 3/8" washed Pea Gravel - Round pebbles approx. 3/8" in size.

CR6 - Crusher Run #6 - CR6 is used for a base in patios, walkways and driveways.

Blue Stone Dust - Used for under patio pavers or to create a hard packed pad.

River Rock 1-3" - Multi-colored stone used for drainage and for aesthetics.


Leaf Gro - Made up of composted leaves and other inert matter. Great for plants and grass.

Screened Topsoil - Used to build up areas. Screened with 1/2" screen may have debris.

#57 Blue Stone  - Made of 3/4" blue stone chips. 


White Gravel #57 - Is made up of 3/4" White Gravel Chips.

Mason Sand 

Stone & Boulders
Sold by the Pallet and Half Pallet
*Fieldstone and Flagstone available in grays, browns, and reds. Full pallets contain approximately  20 cu. ft. and weight approximately 3,000 lbs.

1-3" Pennsylvania Fieldstone - Ideal for building natural looking stone walls.

2-6" Pennsylvania Fieldstone - Ideal for building natural looking stone walls.

Boulders - Ideal for hillside support and accents for landscaped area.


1 1/2" Irregular Flagstone - Ideal for patios and walks.

1-3" Pennsylvania Fieldstone red color.

2" Tumbled Blue Supreme - Ideal for walkways and patios


6-8" Colonial Risers  - Perfect for natural looking stone steps.

Pennsylvania Fieldstone Boulders - Medium 3-5 per pallet.

Pennsylvania Blue Stone - Random sizes - Sold by the sq. ft.



Don't Forget the Proper Tools...


We carry a wide selection of garden tools and accessories for any project - Just let us know and we can deliver them along with your bulk material order!